JW Mini Soft Enamel Pin - Turquoise


JW Soft Enamel Pin - Turquoise

5/8" (1.5cm) in Diameter

Enamel pins are here! We are excited to introduce our new enamel pins available now!

These small pins are a great gift for the friends, or for yourself. They come in shiny candy colors. The back is secured with a black rubber pin which you can secure onto your Sunday dress, jacket lapel, camera strap or hat. The choices are endless!

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The Best Life Ever Shop is a Specialty Shop dedicated to providing JW families all over the world with unique gifts for our special occasions, such as SKE Graduations, going off to Bethel, congratulating someone that just started pioneering, thanking your elders for the hard work they do in the congregation, or telling your child how proud you are that they accomplished their first midweek meeting assignment.

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